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Word Verification
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   Product Verfication System (PVS) is a simple yet useful web-based tool that FBV builds to give customers access to verify online that the products purchased are genuine that are manufactured by FBV Inc. PVS also provides more information on the product(s), you could even request assistance when you aren’t sure about the result, simple send us a feedback in the result page.

   To start using the tool, enter the Serial Number and Body Heat Number into the text box on the left. The Serial Number can be found in many places, in Mill Test Certificate, in nameplates and valve bodies (normally on the flange rim). The Heat Number is located in the standard body marking.

   Note: FBV does its best to keep data up to date, there is, however, a possibility that the data may not be correct or up-to-date due to human operation. If you find information provided is incorrect, do not hesitate to contact us so as to correct and improve..